Wireless Headsets: Pros and Cons

  Modern technology has offered us amazing discoveries and inventions . Through these high tech gadgets and products, businesses and other organizations and industries become productive and competitive. One of these electrical products or hardware devices which usability cannot be contested is the headset. Many businesses like call center, online teaching, gaming and phone companies are using wired and wireless headsets.

     One common question asked by most purchasers is Which wireless headset should I buy?

      Some purchasers prefer wireless headsets to wired headsets due to several factors. To understand better the strength and the limitations of wireless headsets, let’s look into  their advantages and disadvantages.

  Advantages of  Wireless Headset     


        Wearing wireless headset is convenient. No need to worry about wires that sometimes get tangled  and cause frustration to some people. You don’t need to worry about the  availability of   USB ports in your computer which  is necessary for wired headset.  Wireless headset doesn’t need wire to connect because it uses  Bluetooth wireless  technology.


       Long range wireless headset gives the users the freedom to get up, stretch and move around while still using their headsets.  You don’t need to stay close to your computer every time you use your headset.   Mobility in your workplace is very important so that you can multi-task and you can do your work efficiently.


        Wireless headsets have features such as volume control, mute call and music selections. You can play or pause the music and turn down or turn up the volume   by adjusting  the headset audio controller The added freedom provided by these features makes working in the office or at home hands-free. You can perform different tasks in the office or at home while staying on the line or while listening to music.


       Wireless headset is preferred by some people who want to look cool while using headset. They wear stylish wireless headsets to accentuate their outfit and their looks.  

    Disadvantages of Wireless Headset

1. Sound Quality

      The sound quality is affected by the distance between the transmitter and the headset. Wireless headsets will work fine as long as the distance between them and the laptop, computer or smartphone does not exceed the range at which the sound quality can still be considered as best. Bluetooth headsets offer mobility but to get the best sound quality, you have to stay in range. Interferences or large obstructions between the transmitter and the headsets cause the quality of the sound to drop.

2. Durability


Wireless headset is less resistant to physical shock.  It is sensitive to drops because of the built-in electronic circuitry in it. If you knock it off the table, drop it unintentionally, or accidentally toss it on a hard surface, it will stop working.

3. Price

         Wireless headphones are expensive. The added features or extra functions   which provide comfort and convenience for the users are paid for.

           Manufacturers of wireless headsets are looking into ways on how to address the problems encounter by consumers in using wireless headsets. There are now wireless headsets which are sturdier to withstand drops or physical shock, have longer range and  are affordable.

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