Wired Headset: Advantages and Disadvantages

Communication is a vital aspect of business, from promoting brands and building relationships with the staff and the clients. Online jobs that require communicating with clients are investing and looking for ways on how to increase their productivity. One of these is using wired  headset. Wired headset is  a set of headphone attached to a microphone and connected to a computer or a telephone through a wire connection such as headphone jack or a USB plug. A wired headset is designed for two-way communication.


Advantages of Wired Headset

1. Sound Quality

        Wired headset is preferred to wireless headset because it gives the  best possible sound quality. Wired headset is connected to the transmitter through wire. If you use wired headset, you don’t need to worry about interference and obstructions which cause sound quality to drop.

2. Less Expensive

        Wired headset is less expensive than wireless headset. This doesn’t mean that wireless headset is better than wired headset. Wireless headset has extra functions such sound controller, wireless Bluetooth technology and music selection which make it expensive. However, these are features which are not of importance if you are doing desk jobs which require you to be always in front of your computer.

3. Durable

        Wired headset is more durable than wireless headset. If you drop your wired headset, you can still use it perfectly unlike wireless headset which is less resistant to drops.

4. Less restrictions

       Since  wired headset is connected to the computer through wire, you don’t need to stay in range which is a must for wireless headset. You can move your head or do some body movements when talking to someone without experiencing any  disruption on the connection and the sound quality. Wireless headset users complain that the sound quality drops if they don’t stay in range or if they are just moving their heads. These restrictions do not apply to wired headset which make wired headset  comfortable to use.

Disadvantages of Wired Headset

1. Discomfort

      Wearing wired headset is sometimes messy. The wire gets tangled up and you have to spend your precious time untangling it. This really  gets into someone’s nerves especially if it’s interfering with one’s work.

2. Limited Mobility

       Wired headset is connected to the computer with a wire. This confines your mobility while working within your workspace. If you have a desk job, then this is not a big problem. But if you like to multi-task while talking to someone or do household chores while staying on the line, then wired headset is not a good choice for you.

        Before you purchase your headset, you should consider your purpose for buying headset. If you  need to get up and do something else while staying on the line or listening to music and  it doesn’t bother you if the sound will sometimes drop because of interference, then wireless headset will work fine for you. But if you give the highest priority to sound quality and productivity because of your job, then wired headset is the better choice for you.  You have to  weigh on your decision whether to buy wired or wireless headset because you might end up regretting what you bought and you would also be blaming yourself for wasting your money for a headset which didn’t meet your expectations.

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