Best Webcams for Online Jobs

               Online jobs are becoming popular nowadays  because of the advantages some people can get from working at home. But online job seekers   should make sure that they   meet the technical requirements for remote jobs. Sometimes, people take for granted one tool which is very important for online jobs and that’s the webcam.

What is a webcam?

      A webcam transmits your picture to somebody in an online meeting , conference or conversation.        

Some laptops have built-in   webcam which you can use for video calls or video conferences but if your laptop doesn’t have an internal webcam, you have to purchase an external webcam.

Why Is Webcam Important?

   1. Webcams are used for video conference. Video conference is often used by different companies and industries in conducting their business online. Face-to-face meeting or conference is sometimes impossible due to geographical locations. Some people who are doing online jobs at home sometimes feel isolated and alone because they are working remotely but they are still able to have conversation or conference with their colleagues and boss through video conferencing.

2.  Webcams make distant education  easier and accessible. Teaching and learning do not only take place within the classroom. Nowadays, students can learn beyond the four walls of the traditional classrooms and teachers can teach students from anywhere in the world through the help of webcam. Online teaching is very popular among teachers and students because of the  advantages they are getting from it such as convenience and comfort, learning or teaching from home, more quality time with family and practicality.

3.    Webcams make distance training possible. Some employees need to attend trainings and seminars in other cities or countries as a part of their job or for professional growth. Sometimes, they need to convey what they have covered or learned in the training to their employers and colleagues. This is made possible through webcams. They can explain important concepts using visual aids or diagrams through communicating with them online. Trainers can still continue conducting training or seminars even if they are not physically present in the venue due to location and health. Webcams are now becoming an essential tool in the corporate world.

4. Webcams are used for recording purposes. Many people of varying age make money through recording videos and posting them online. The visual and audio quality of their videos rely heavily on the webcams they are using. Vloggers or those people who make videos or short films that record their thoughts, opinions or experiences are using high definition webcams because the quality of their videos affect the numbers of views they can get from each of their videos.

5.    Webcams are used for varied purposes. Some  use webcams for surveillance and security. They  set up webcams in all or some of the rooms in their house and  in their office as a part of their security system. Webcams can also be used to monitor the activities of nannies at home. This is very important for working parents who need to leave their babies and young children with babysitters.

What are the features of a good webcam?

1. Frame rate

         Frame rate is the speed at which images are shown .  It is expressed as frames per second(FSP). Frame rate is an essential feature of a good webcam because it has an effect to the total viewing experience of your viewers.   In choosing frame rate, you should consider how you like your videos to look like. Do you like your video to be realistic or do you like to employ techniques such as blurred effect or slow motion effect?

        24 fps is the minimum speed required to capture video while making it realistic. You will be able to show more detail scenes at 30fps. 60fps is used for scenes with lots of actions such as video games and sports.

       In choosing webcam to purchase, you look for a webcam that supports 30fps  which is a frame rate for a decent webcam. But if you want a higher quality video, look for webcams that have  60 fps. However, the higher the frame rate, the larger the file size. Larger file sizes require better internet connection and computer hardware. You should have modern computer equipment and  the fastest  internet service connection to stream videos at its best quality.

2. Resolution

       Webcams have the ability to take pictures and capture videos. Webcam resolution shows the height and the width of the captured images. If you are looking for  best webcams, choose webcams with 720p and  1080p,  with 1080p being the best available resolution. These are high definition resolutions. HD webcams have an aspect ration of 16:9 which is a widescreen view. HD webcams have 720p or 1080p resolution. You might heard about VGA webcams. Webcams that are VGA are not high-definition webcams. They refer to  640×480 resolution which is the resolution for a standard definition television.

3. Microphone

       Most webcams have built-in microphones. However, some prefer to use headset for video conference . Not all webcams have good sound quality. This is because your positioning options for some webcams  are limited.  You  should be talking directly to your webcam so that it will pick up your voice.  In choosing webcam, you have to choose the one with omnidirectional microphone.  Omnidirectional microphone can pick up sound from any direction. You can still be heard by the person or people you are having video conference or video call with even if you step away from your computer screen for a  minute. With omnidirectional microphone, you don’t need to move the webcam with you whenever you move which is very impractical.

4. Lens

        The webcam’s lens has an impact on the overall quality or your video and pictures. If you want to buy a high-end webcam, choose the webcam with glass lenses. Webcam with glass lenses can create crystal-clear video and photos. However, it is expensive because it is made of high-quality material. If you want a decent webcam, go for webcams with plastic lenses. For Skype and other video chatting software, plastic lenses would do. But if you want your pictures and videos to be crystal-clear and professional, invest in glass lenses.

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