Best Paid Online Surveys This 2021

Most people want to earn extra cash. The salary they earned from their full-time jobs is just enough to support their  daily needs. That’s why some people are looking for other ways on how to earn money on the side.


Taking paid online surveys is one of the most convenient ways to earn money. You don’t need to look for a part-time job and undergo the strenuous hiring process. You don’t need to work day and night just  to have extra cash for leisure or for luxury. Taking paid online surveys can be done at home, during your work break and in your free time. Earning extra money through paid online surveys is convenient and easy- peasy.

           If you want to earn money just by taking paid online surveys, check the following sites.

1. Swagbucks

             Swagbucks is a reward program that  gives free cards and cash. The first thing you do is to register with their website. Then you can answer surveys and earn points. You can redeem your points for Amazon and Walmart gift cards or cash them out through PayPal. There are also other ways to earn points aside from answering online surveys. You can also earn points when you shop, watch videos and search the web.  You can join Swagbucks for free.

2. Opinion OutPost

           Opinion Outpost offers rewards to those who answer their online surveys with cash or gift vouchers. To be a member of Opinion Outpost, you should first create an account. You have to provide some of your personal details to help them pair you with surveys that fit you or that matter to you.

The surveys could be about electronics, medicine, politics, advertisement, appliances, etc. Signing up for Opinion Outpost is quick, easy and free.  After taking online surveys, you will be getting points which you can redeem for cash through PayPal or gift cards for top brands such as Amazon and iTunes.

3. LifePoints

      LifePoints is a provider of custom research and analysis. In order to be one of their members, you have to register with them. Survey invitations are sent out by email and you can take these surveys any time during the day. Once you completed the survey, you will earn or collect LifePoints. The surveys cover health, sport, travel and any other aspect of your daily life. The more surveys you completed, the more LifePoints you collect and the more rewards you can get. The points you have collected from taking online surveys can be redeemed for gift cards or you can cash them out through PayPal.

4. Survey Junkie

      Survey Junkie is an online community that offers its members rewards for their valuable opinions.

To start making money, you should be  one of their members. You have to create an account with them and  complete  your profile. You have to provide some of your personal details so that they can match you with surveys that are related to you. They will send an invitation email to you if you have matched some of their surveys. You can take these surveys anytime, anywhere and on any device. After completing the survey, you will earn points which you can redeem for cash vis PayPal or through e-gift cards.

5. Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

       Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel gives cash rewards to its members for participating in their internet surveys. The first step to be done if you want to be a member of their community is to register with them. You will receive an invitation via email to participate in some short surveys. After completing the surveys, you will earn regular entries into their $10,000 monthly sweepstakes. There are different ways to earn entries and increase your chances of winning. Download the app and surf the web. You can spend your time  playing online games, reading news blogs, watching movies, streaming music, or posting photos on your social networks. The longer you use their app, the more chances you have to win. You continue to earn sweepstakes entries for as long as you have their app installed in your devices.

6. Ipsos I-Say

        Ipsos I-Say is a an online survey rewards community. It offers rewards to its members for every survey they complete. These surveys aim to collect thoughts or opinions from global brands to entertainment and more. Each time you take a survey, you will earn i-Say points. The more surveys you take the more points you will collect.  You can redeem these points through PayPal ,  gift cards, purchasing merchandise or virtual Visa prepaid cards. 

7. Inbox Dollars

      Inbox Dollars offers its members cash rewards for taking online surveys. When you take surveys on your devices, you will be rewarded with cash not points. They reward you with your choice of free cash, PayPal or gift cards. You can even earn a higher cash reward if you match the demographic profile they are looking for. You can increase your chances for earning cash rewards if you participate in other online activities they offer like reading emails, playing games , watching videos and watching TV.      

8. Survey Savvy

          Survey Savvy is a survey site which offers its members cash rewards for taking surveys. The surveys include the trends in online search, shopping, entertainment and other applications. You have to download their app and participate in their market research by surfing the web. You will then get cash rewards and receive more paid research opportunities.  You can get incentives when you complete surveys and when your direct and indirect referrals complete surveys.  They also run contests and special promotions from time to time to increase the cash rewards you can earn. Payment is made by check which is delivered to the member’s address.


      To be  a member of this online survey  community, you should first register with them.  You will be asked to record a profile video and answer few questions. Your profile video will help them match surveys that are related to you or to your demographic profile. Available surveys will appear on your dashboard. You will answer few multiple choice questions to determine if you qualify for the survey. If you qualify, you can start answering the survey  questions using the video functions of any devices you are using.  You will be paid via PayPal.

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