Best Features of a Good Laptop

       In this modern era of digital technology, laptops are increasingly becoming a necessity. Some people, if not most,  prefer laptops to desktop computers. Some are even investing in high-end laptops because of the benefits they get from using laptops which are as follows:

   a. Laptops are small and portable personal computer. They  are not cumbersome and easy to carry anywhere.  

b.  Laptops also allow someone to multi-task.  Some people want to do other tasks while working on their computer.

c. Laptops use less energy than desktops. The reason for this is they are designed to run on a battery and to be more power efficient.

d. Laptops are more convenient to use for online jobs. They offer mobility and flexibility.

      If you are interested to purchase your own laptop, you should know how to look for a good one. Here are the lists of features of a good laptop which you have to consider before buying a laptop.

1. Operating System

          An operating system controls and manages the computer’s hardware and software. Your preference for an operating system depends on your purpose. If you use your laptop for personal use, Windows and MAC OS are your best options. Online activities like web browsing or sending emails don’t need powerful OS because these are simple tasks. If you are fond of  playing computer games, look for Windows operating system because it is optimized for better  gaming performance.  What if you need the fastest OS because you are running a business enterprise? Linux operating system is the best OS for this purpose. Linux is one of the lightest and the  fastest operating systems in the market right now. 

2. Weight

      The weight of the laptop has something to do with its portability. The smaller and lighter the laptop is, the easier it is to carry. For travelers, they prefer ultraportable laptops because they can easily be carried anywhere and they are not cumbersome. 

       In buying laptops, you have to look for the weight specifications of the laptop. However, you should identify what is included in the weight. Some laptop manufacturers only include the weight of the laptop and the battery installed in it. You should look for the travel weight or the real-world weight. The weight specification should include the laptop, its battery and the power adaptor.

3. Memory

       Memory is the temporary storage place for your computer information. It is used by computers for storing data for processing.  Getting the best memory is recommended. Some operating systems like Windows and MAC are memory hungry and demanding. This means that operating systems can use up the memory space of your laptop or computer. What would happen if your laptop doesn’t have enough memory? Your laptop’s performance will be sluggish especially if you are doing demanding tasks on your computer. 

    It is important to know that the amount of memory you need depends on the kinds of activities you do on your computer.  If you use your laptop for checking emails, word processing and web browsing, you should look for laptops with 4GB memory. However, if you are doing these activities at the same time, your computer might slow down. Most budget laptops come with 4GB memory but if you want to keep your laptops for several years, invest in laptops with 8GB memory.

       If you are a computer gamer, you need 4GB-8GB. PC games like DOTA and League of Legends will need  4GB but if you are playing computer games that needed to be played with high performance level, you need 8GB.  For best gaming experience and if your budget permits, look for laptops with 16GB or even 32GB.   For game streaming, opt for 8GB , 16GB or 32GB.

         If you are doing photo and video editing, these activities usually  work  on lower memory but you should give memory  allowance for updates. That’s why you better settle with 8GB for photo and video editing to make sure that your laptops will not slow down or be sluggish while you are doing these tasks.

4. Processors

         The  processor serves as the brain of the computer. The CPU takes the  information from the OS, software and input devices and do these instructions. If you are planning to buy your laptop, you take into consideration the CPU speed because this is an important feature you have to look into if you want a high-performing laptop. The important thing to remember about processor is the faster the processor is, the better the computer will move or perform.

          If you often run numerous programs and do multiple tasks like watching videos while using words processors or you  open different programs at once, you need laptops with multiple processor core units. Most computers now have multiple processor cores that enable you to do multiple tasks on your computer without much problem.

5. Screen Resolution

         Screen resolution is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a screen. The more pixels, the more information or text is displayed on the screen. If the screen resolution is 1024×768, then the screen has 1024 pixels horizontally  and 768 pixels vertically.

          Most laptops have a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. But with this screen resolution, pictures don’t look smooth or fine and not all texts are displayed  on the screen so you have to scroll down.

You opt for 1920×1080 resolution. This resolution can fit in lots of texts on the screen and you don’t need to send much time scrolling down just to read the complete information. There are affordable laptops with this resolution. If you want a  monitor with wider shape and resolution, and if you have enough money you can buy a laptop with 3840×21160 resolution.   

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