Affiliate Marketing: What Is It and How It Works

Are you one of the early risers who need to wake up early in the morning to get ready for work and to beat traffic jam? Do you always feel tired and sluggish working 30-40 hours per week and not earning much? If your answer is yes, then affiliate marketing can help you turn over a new leaf in your career life.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 
Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing or promoting a person or a company’s products to online consumers. The affiliate serves as the third -party who promotes a company’s products or services through their blogs, websites or social media accounts. The affiliate researches on products most people enjoy, promotes the products and earns a commission when a purchase is made through their links which are tracked by the merchants or the companies offering or selling the products or services.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

There are three parties involved in order for affiliate marketing to work.
    Sellers could be a single individual or large companies. They are also known as the merchant, the creator, the brand, retailer or the vendor. They create the products.
2. Affiliates 
      The affiliates promote the sellers’ products through their blogs, websites or social media accounts. They try to convince the customers of the value and benefits of the products so that the they will be persuaded to make a purchase. The affiliates will get a commission or a piece of the revenue for each item bought by the customers through the affiliates’ links.
3. Consumers
    Consumers are the buyers. They make the affiliate system possible and go round. In affiliate marketing, the merchants and the affiliates share the profit or sales when the consumers purchased the products.

   In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a process in which an affiliate promotes the seller’s products to the prospective consumers through the affiliate’s blogs, websites and social media accounts. When the consumers make a purchase through the affiliate’s links which are tracked by the merchants, the seller and the affiliate will share the profit.

How Can You Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer? 

 Every aspiring affiliate marketer should be aware of the fact that it is difficult to earn and maintain a steady income from affiliate marketing especially if you are just starting. 

After building a website, blog and setting up social media accounts, you should give importance to networking. Your networks are very important in generating a more reliable revenue.

Here are the steps which you can take to be a successful affiliate marketer.

1. Research the affiliate program you consider joining in. You should understand their terms and conditions especially on how and when you will get paid. 

2. Choose the products you are going to promote. The common mistake some affiliate marketers have in common is they try to promote all the products they can think of. You should focus on a specific niche and promote it. You should also consider your interest when choosing a product to promote. You can build trust between you and your followers if your recommendations and product reviews are sincere, credible and reliable. If you gain their trust, they will buy from you.

3. Track or monitor your traffic and earnings. You should monitor the performance of your affiliate programs especially if you joined several ones. You should know which program is successful. This also applies to your products. You should track the products that are selling well and those that are not.

4. Most especially, don’t give up. Affiliate marketing requires time, effort and dedication. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you should invest time and effort to attract audience and boost your website traffic. Some affiliate marketers build their websites for years before they attract audience and start earning revenue. If you are thinking of giving up, remember that in this line of business, patience is really important along with time and effort. 

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