The Best Paying Online Jobs in 2021

Due to latest digital technology, businesses have been  conducted online. Lots of people are also being drawn to online jobs or work-at-home jobs because of higher income opportunity, comfort and convenience and more quality family time. There is no doubt that online jobs and online businesses are now taking the top spots for current and future considerations among tired employees, ambitious college students, competent stay-at -home moms and retirees.

Here are the best paying online jobs.

 1. Affiliate Marketing 

 Affiliate marketing is one of the best online-job options for those who are interested in working at home. In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for every product you sold to online consumers. These products are produced by an individual or a company and you promote these products in your website or social media accounts. You just find a product you want to promote and you can earn an amount of money based on the number of items or products you successfully promoted to other people.
In order to be an affiliate, you need to sign up for a program such as Amazon Associates or HubSpot Affiliate Program.

2. Online Teaching 

Online teaching is one of the lucrative online jobs. Most educators teach online because this gives them extra money while maintaining their full-time jobs. Some even resigned from their day jobs and decided to be full-time online teachers because they can earn more if they choose the latter. Most retired educators are still making money through online teaching. Online teachers are paid from $10-$20 per hour depending on your qualifications and performance. Most online teachers make money because of the performance bonus they earn on top of their hourly rate. 
         To be an online teacher, you should meet the following requirements: 
a. TEFL/TESL/TESOL certificates 
 b. Bachelor’s Degree
 c. Technical requirements( computer, internet speed, webcam, headset)
 d. Passion for teaching


The following are the top ESL online companies which you can check out if you are interested to work as an online teacher.
     a. VIPKID
     b. iTutorGroup
     c. Dada
     d. Cambly
     e. Qkids
    f.  Teach Away
   g. HAWO
    h. Sayabc

3. Freelance Jobs
Freelancers have to sell themselves to sell their products. That’s why it is very important for freelancers to develop their personal brands. Freelancers work for multiple employers. The following are some of the freelance jobs that really make money. 
a. Data entry
  b. Virtual Assistant work
c. Transcription 
d. Call Center
  e. Editing and Proofreading 
  f. Writing 

 Check out the following sites for freelance jobs. 
   b. Upwork
   c. Fiverr
   e. Task Rabbit

4. Mobile Game Apps 
        Sometimes, we need to relax to replenish our energy after working for long hours. One way to relax is through playing mobile games. But you can still earn money while playing games on your phone. Making money while playing games on your phone is very appealing to people of varying age range because it is less stressful and even relaxing. One can play games anywhere and anytime, and one doesn’t need to be a game expert to make money through these mobile game apps. You only need to download the apps to your phone and open an account with the game website. You have to complete tasks and earn coins which you can redeem once you earned enough coins. You will get paid through PayPal. 

 Check out the following game apps that pay real money. 

a. Free Lotto
    b. Primeslots
    c. Freeslots4u
    d. Cashpirate
    e. Lucky Day
    f. GameBlitz

5. Paid Survey 
Online survey gathers information about an individual. This information ranges from the person’s interest, hobbies, perception, habits, current practices such shopping, cooking, travelling and others. Once you finished a survey, you will be rewarded points which you can redeem through PayPal or through gift cards. You can earn $100 or $200 per month. You just need to  log in to your account and do surveys daily to accumulate enough points. 
       Check out the following sites for paid surveys.   
   a. Survey Junkie   
    b. Life Points
    c. Swagbucks
    d. My Points
    e.  Inbox Dollars
   f. Cash Crate
   g. Valued Opinions
  h. Google Opinion Rewards

i. Survey Savvy  

j. Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

. Ipsos-I-Say

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